Why Cyprus

Genuine lifestyle on the island

North Cyprus is the last land on the Mediterranean with its untouched land and nature. Most of our properties located either right by the sea or within walking distance to the beach. Moreover, almost every property has its own sea and mountain view. Above all, you can have your dream home in North Cyprus with affordable prices and a longer payment plan.

You can experience a genuine lifestyle on the island and interact with locals wherever you go on the island. While taking a walk around your home by the sea you can come across local people and taste their local food, pick your own veggies and fruits, buy freshly baked bread and even fresh milk and cheese and butter at a local barn.

Along with local life, you can experience high standard living with 5-star luxurious hotels, a vineyard with wine tasting tours, and international golf clubs. Not to mention old town with many fish restaurants by the old town. 


Property prices: Property prices in North Cyprus are much lower than in any other Mediterranean country. Especially seafront properties starting from as low as £ 39,900. Prices are one-third of any other country by the Mediterranean such as Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Location of the properties: Most of our properties are located on either beach or seafront or within walking distance to the sea. At some location with 100 meters, you can reach the shore and within 5 minutes walk, you can find yourself in a mountain covered by pine trees with a breathtaking sea view.

Low living cost and taxes: Living in North Cyprus is much more affordable comparing any other European country. Considering the Turkish Lira is being used on the island, purchasing power with your own currency is pretty high. Low tax regulations in North Cyprus give many opportunities to the investors as well. 


Because; the last untouched land on the Mediterranean

Because; most of the properties located right by the sea

Because; always sea & mountain views from each property

Because; property prices much lower than any other Mediterranean countries

Because; low living costs and tax advantages

Because; 6th safest country in the world

Because; you can experience genuine island people and lifestyle